Park Portrait is a London based photographic company that provide natural, beautiful photographic portraiture. Founded by William Roy, who is also the lead photographer, we bring a wealth of experience to every shoot.

Our shoots offer levels of safety not possible in enclosed photo studios - we always observe social distancing. We normally travel to shoots by bicycle, avoiding public transport, as well as doing or small bit in helping the environment.

We choose outside locations that are convenient, and provide a backdrop to show you at your best. These are normally parks, but can also include beaches, urban areas, or even your own back garden. 

Our shoots are relaxed yet professional. We take time to understand the purpose of your images, and are more than happy to make suggestions and offer advice. We are used to helping people who feel nervous by the prospect of a photo shoot, and find that being outside is far more relaxing, and gives far better images than the rather artificial atmosphere of a studio shoot.

To a certain degree we are at the whim of our wonderful British weather, and would not shoot in the rain or snow. In this case, we would liaise with you on or before the day of the shoot to make alternative arrangements. Sometimes we would agree to at least try to shoot, but if we found that it was not possible, we would be happy to re-shoot at no additional cost at a later date.

We provide your images in both high-resolution format, suitable for printing as well as a another set in lower resolution suitable for social media and web sharing.

We can also provide prints of your images. We use a professional London photo lab for this, that give absolutely incredible quality prints. The prices vary according to the size of print, type of paper and if framing or mounting is required. We are happy to quote you for your requirements.

You receive all the images that we take during the shoot (less any test shots) within one week of the shoot. You will be sent a link to download your images from a secure web server. We can also offer an express 24 hour service if needed. We do not use your images for our own publicity (unless you give us permission). You will also have full copyright to all your images, so you would be free to use or reproduce them as you wish.

All your images are fully colour corrected to ensure a consistent look and feel. We do not however apply any unnatural photo filters or adjustments as we prefer to show you at your most natural best. We also prefer to use natural light rather than flash photography, we find that this gives a far more natural look and feel to the images.

We are happy to listen to your requirements for the images, and are used to taking photographs for social media, professional, dating, couples or simply just to record a special time of your life.

William Roy has also been involved with social documentary photography for many years, you will find some of his work on projects as diverse as underground dancers to amateuer athletics on this site. We would be delighted to work with you on any special project that you may have in mind. For social documentary work, William will often use film photography when appropriate (such as the dancers project).

We are happy to shoot up to four people during a shoot, so you may wish to group together with some friends to share the cost, or perhaps have some family members come along. We are always happy for you to bring a friend to a shoot, even if they do not want to be photographed themselves. We are also happy to photograph pets, there are few examples of our work on this site.